Here is an example meme you could tweet or post:

Consider tweeting/posting this text along with it: People will only get shots if they trust they’re being told everything. Pfizer&FDA admit a risk most haven’t heard. BuildVaccineTrust.com for info&petition. Pin and repost often.

Major media in the US, UK and Canada aren’t currently drawing attention to this issue so the public needs to find other ways to get the word out via social media and other alternatives. The petition mostly provides a focus for the more important effort of alerting others to this. The author isn’t a social media influencer: so this may go no place unless others pitch in.

Put BuildVaccineTrust.com in your social media bio, and encourage everyone to spread the word. Contact journalists, influencers and potentially interested groups. Use  email and direct messages in addition to reply tweets so others see them. Post comments on relevant web pages and news articles.

If you see few signatures or posts yet: this has just started. Viral spread can start   with a single person, yet eventually  spread to millions: *if*   people keep spreading the word. The effort may not work, but it can’t hurt to try.

Post videos about this, podcasts, even contact talk radio. Letters to the editor and other public statements can make a difference.